Behind The Scenes

What’s in the workshop?

Phoebe's V8 during refurbishment.

Here are a few photos of what has been in the workshop recently.

Phoebe's V8 during refurbishment.

A new build for ex World Champion H240 Henk-Jan Ronitz. This is one of 7 new cars that have gone to Holland. Another one is for H217 Ron Kroonder. We have also built new chassis for a number of UK drivers, including Richard Regan, Ricky Wilson, and Neil Holcroft.

A full load on the way to the paint shop. On the trailer is Tony Smith's car that was re-caged after having the roof cut off at Birmingham last year. At the back of the truck is a Dutch driver's car that was refurbished, then Frankie JJ's ministox, and Danny's car.

The refurbished Dutch car.