11th February 2012: Mini-stox, NZ style

Phoebe rides the wall. (Photo: Izzy Hertzog)

The mini-stock fleet (Photo: Shawn Cooper)

After the excitment of ‘The Teams’ the GB kids had their weekend of racing. A 2 day event with 3 races, and the highest points scorer taking the title. Ministox World Champion Mad Max Hertzog is seeded into the championship already but Phoebe and Frankie JJ must qualify.

Just 187 cars turn up for this weekend at Paradise Valley Springs, yes thats right 187!

All 3 get the opportunity for a short practice before the meeting starts. Phoebe goes well, JJ & Max however suffer with a couple of problems. Frankie’s car sounds like a bag of spanners, which turns out to be a bolt hitting the propshaft. Max pulls onto the infield, trouble with the ignition switch. Thankfully both problems are easily fixed.

All 3 are put into groups of 26 drivers and are all in different groups which makes it easier for us to watch.

So Phoebe is out first. She starts near the back and finishes a credible sixth place, a great start.

Out next is Frankie he starts well but spins out. He manages to continue and finish.

It’s Maxs turn now. He struggles with the car which is down on power compared to the others, but he does his best and finishes.

Their following races go pretty much the same. Phoebe manages some decent results and finishes sixth overall from her group, just missing out on the big race by 1 point.

Frankie enjoys his racing but fails to qualify and Max keeps going the best he can. Max gets called up to the box for the 3rd time which was a bit OTT? Even the lady who delivered the messages about him going to the box was getting embarressed and mentions that it was getting a bit silly…

So the evening finishes with all three kids and cars in good shape ready for tomorrow.

Phoebe & JJ still get the opportunity to race so thats good. Phoebe’s first 2 races go smoothly, finishing both with decent places. However on her 3rd race she get walled on the first bend, so much for non contact! Still, she’s not bothered and gets out of the car with a big cheesy Wainman grin on her face!

Frankie JJ enjoys competing against his cousin Brennan Dorrell (371) as they both race for fun without the pressure of the championship. Fantastic to witness nephew Brennan win a race whilst we were visiting. Well done Brennan.

Max does his best with a car that seems a little under powered, again he is called to the box, yawn…. He’s glad to load up the car and finish!

So that’s that really, we all had a massive amount of fun! And a great experience! Maybe if they’d have had a little more time to get used to the cars and done a couple of meetings before hand they might have had better results, who knows?

Massive thanks go to all who helped and the guys who supplied us with the cars – if you come to England we will do our best to return the favour!


Frankie JJ gets some advice (Photo: Izzy Hertzog)

Phoebe ready for the off (Photo: Izzy Hertzog)

Phoebe, Frankie JJ, and Max about to go on parade. (Photo: Izzy Hertzog)

Frankie JJ with his cousin, Brennan Dorrell. (Photo: Izzy Hertzog)

Phoebe rides the wall. (Photo: Izzy Hertzog)

Phoebe surveys the damage. (Photo: Izzy Hertzog)

The aftermath of Phoebe's visit to the wall. (Photo: Izzy Hertzog)

It's just a scratch! (Photo: Izzy Hertzog)

Repairs in the pits. (Photo: Izzy Hertzog)

Can you fix it, dad? (Photo: Izzy Hertzog)

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