21st April 2012: F1 & Mini-stox at Birmingham

Passing Rob Cowley (Photo: Chris Webster)

Passing Rob Cowley (Photo: Chris Webster)

Once again I am grateful for the opportunity to use Kev Catling’s engine this weekend. To be honest, I was surprised how well it went at Northampton, as the engine is a little bit under powered to mine, or so I thought! But something seems to be working.

The car felt fast in the first heat and I finished second behind Carl Pickering. That was until Carl’s car was scrutineered and wasn’t right, leaving me as the rightful winner.

Time for young Frank’s heat. He’s always enjoyed Birmingham and gone well round here, and he battled on to finish in second place.

Danny is out for his heat and shows promise. He really seems to be coming onto his own this season and gets eighth place, qualifying for the Final!

Putting the bumper in on Ollie Spencer (Photo: Chris Webster)

It’s time for the Ministox final. Most have qualified and those who haven’t start from the back. Frankie is going well but Bradley Harrison is pulling him in. They have a few moments of passing each other and are both driving clean.

Sophie Maynard is going very well and after winning her heat she’s going to take some catching! The experience shows as Bradley catches and passes, followed closely by Frankie JJ. So there’s your top 3!

Now the F1s are back on track. The race for me and Danny starts well, that’s until Danny gets put in. I carry on the best I can. I manage to catch and pass young Stuart Smith into second place, maybe one more lap I could have caught Lee Fairhurst?

Really chuffed to be honest! Wasn’t expecting much this weekend but got second in the final and even broke the track record?

The National went well too, a reasonably smooth race for both me and Danny, finishing third and sixth.

Everything gets loaded, nothing seems to have been stolen, limited damage and a enough prize money to get us to Hednesford. No complaints!


Some superb photos from this meeting. Thanks to everyone that sends them in!

Pit lane (Photo: Matthew Hutchison)

FWJ second in the final (Photo: Martin Fitzgerald)

FWJJ second in the final (Photo: Martin Fitzgerald)

Ready for action (Photo: Rhosanna Jenkins)

Danny had some good results. (Photo: Chris Webster)

Frankie JJ on the victory lap (Photo: Carl Hesketh)

At speed in Heat 1 (Photo: Martin Fitzgerald)

Inside line (Photo: Chris Webster)

Danny in action (Photo: Chris Webster)

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