26th-27th May 2012: F1 & Mini-stox at King’s Lynn

Frankie JJ's first final on shale.

Frankie JJ's first final on shale.

A decent forecast for this weekend meant that the watering truck was pretty busy! A crap night for me, really. In my first all was well until me and Rubber got shoved into Dave Willis. Paul Harrison ended up on the back of me so it was race over.

Consolation going okay until Dave Willis decided to turn left on me, taking us both out and ripping my tyre apart. So no Final for me tonight.

I was going okay in the GN and crossed the line fifth, then got put into a parked car flat out by 84 after the flag!

Danny had a slightly better night than me! He got fourth in his heat, and fenced in the final

Young Frankie had the best night out of all three of us. In his first heat he struggled a bit with the freshly watered track, but he battled on for ninth.

His second heat was even better. He drove mint off the back and finished in second place.
He went even better in the final!

Rightfully, after the nasty battering he received last week at Northampton by older and more experienced drivers, they were all given a good talking to before the meeting started. This only just made some drivers race how 10-16 year old kids should race.

So without deliberate sideswiping and fencing, Frankie won the final in a clean manner, and thankfully without injury and 10 hours worth of damage to fix!

The new Smiler?

Giving his dad some advice

Sunday wasn’t much better than Saturday really. A few more places though!

Young Frank couldn’t get going in his first race and crawled over the line in about 14th place?

His second heat was a lot better. He got to grip with the car and thte track conditions, and finished in fourth place.

He got eleventh in the final, but despite this result it was a really good race between himself, Bradley Harrison and Olly Spencer.

Danny drove well in his first race and without problems crossed the line in second place. I was in the other heat and managed a third place finish!

My car felt okay but not mega this weekend. I enjoyed the final and managed to finish seventh. Danny wasn’t so lucky! He was driving well and all going good until he got spun by a “Dutchie” He finished but he was two laps down.

So not the best of weekends, apart from young Frank who took his first final on shale Saturday evening! Well done, son!


Massive thanks to Martin Fitzgerald for this superb set of photos from the weekend.

First race of the weekend

Second in his first race of the weekend

Saturday night, and second place in the heat.

A DNF after tangling with Murray Harrison and Dave Willis

Frankie JJ in the Saturday night Final.

Battling with Murray

Heat 2 on Saturday night

Frankie chasing Danny in the Final

Frankie at speed in the first heat

Frankie JJ at speed in the final

Frankie tangles again with Dave Willis, and a ripped tyre meant another DNF

Saturday night damage

Danny battles with Louw Wobbes

Frankie JJ closes in on Rob Jacklin.

FWJ lost time in the final trying to avoid a spinning Mick Sworder

Sunday drivers... Frankie and Ed Neachell

Danny on his way to a second place in the heat on Sunday.

Frankie JJ in the Final on Sunday

Frankie JJ in the thick of it on Sunday

FWJJ getting stuck in on Sunday

FWJJ with the second place trophy