28th July 2012: Danny’s Semi-Final at Birmingham

After the semi, with Tom, Mick, and Charlie. (Photo: Paul Tully)

Pre-race photo shoot (Photo: Colin Casserley)

We arrived at Birmingham early so I could practice.

Went out for 1st practice and the brakes were playing up. We changed the pads and adjusted the brake bias. I went out for a second practice and the car felt really good.

Well, I’m feeling quite nervous now. The flag drops and off we go! First bend and it all goes a bit haywire! I go wide, “Good choice!”, I am thinking! It paid off and I settled into the race.

I was now in fifth place and gaining on 197 Ryan Harrison. I got past Ryan okay, but then the yellow flag is out.

Setting off again, I caught up to 217 Lee Fairhurst. I tapped him wide and got past. I was now in third place and gaining on 84 Tom Harris.

I felt contented where I was. I didn’t want to push my luck and end up in a battle with the top two as there were only a couple of laps left.

I was over the moon with third place.

Going past Lee Fairhurst. (Photo: Paul Tully)

In the meeting final, I got through the pack quite well, but then tangled with a couple of blue tops. I got back in the race, but then 259 Paul Hines ended up crawling over my bonnet. I finished but not in the places.

In the Grand National I started off well, but a tough race. Only managed eighth.

All in all, very pleased with my semi result.


After the semi, with Tom, Mick, and Charlie. (Photo: Paul Tully)

Tom feels the bumper. (Photo: Colin Casserley)

At speed around Wheels Park (Photo: Paul Tully)

Passing Chris Cowley in the Final. (Photo: Colin Casserley)

Bonnet damage after a skirmish with Paul Hines. (Photo: Colin Casserley)

Big thanks to Paul Tully and Colin Casserley for these photos of the meeting.