31st March / 1st April 2012: King’s Lynn, F1 & Mini-stox

Heat win

Lining up for the Final (Photo: Adrian Smith)

A full truck for King’s Lynn! Both of Frankie JJ’s Mini-stox plus 2 F1s. I decide to take both Minis in case JJ gets a lot of damaged on the Saturday night, plus there’s room so it would be daft not too. Thankfully we only needed to use one of them.

Frankie JJ has gone straight to red top after winning his final last weekend, which is a new rule. I was uncertain how he would fare from red but I had nothing to worry about! During his first heat he gets up into third place but then gets spun, despite this he soldiers on and finishes seventh. Back in the pits he’s not happy but I tell him that finishing in 7th first time from red is good enough for me!

Me and Danny are out now. Track conditions are perfect and the car feels really good. I manage second place and Dan gets 9th.

The Minis are back on, and this time Frankie bogs off leaving all the other reds behind! He passes all the blues, yellow and whites, and wins his first race from Red! I’m gobsmacked! I can’t believe how quick he was, and was more than I was expecting from Red top!

Heat 2 is out for F1s, and another smooth race without any hiccups. I finish in fourth spot and Danny is seventh.

Ministox Heat 3 and another fantastic start for young Frankie! He makes his way into second place leaving all the reds behind. But he’s not quite quick enough to catch his cousin Camey Dorrell (262) who storms forward to win her first race. Well done Camey!

Before I know it I’m back in my car going out for the final. Another race that runs smoothly. Not much chance of catching Mick Sworder, who has been on rails all night, and I finish in 3rd place behind Tom Harris and Mick. Dan managed to finish in seventh, despite going in backwards and getting some damage to fix before the Grand National.

David Trevor the Ministox chairman is shouting “Minis!” again, while Little Frank is chilling out on the truck eating an early Easter Egg! He’s pretty laid back. He lines up for the final with all the other ‘little stars’ (well actually, some of them are 6ft tall!).

Once again, he doesn’t let us down and is off to another flyer, leaving the Big Guns behind him. Amy Webster is driving mint, Frankie is catching her but the lap boards are out. Amy wins her first Final, and Frankie finishes second. Well done Amy!

So just the F1 National to go. Not much to report except that the race went well again. No damage and a second place for me, and fifth for Danny.

So a good night’s racing! As we load up, I’m still buzzing about Frankie JJ’s faultless drive. Things are looking quite promising!

"Well done, son!"

A first race win for niece Camey Dorrell on the Saturday. On Sunday she went on to win her first final.

Both Frankies are grateful for this young man's help


Just the Minis racing today, so we can chill a bit more! Out for the first heat, Frankie JJ seems to be on good form and gets up into 3rd place. But he goes to avoid a spinning car and hits the wall, retiring onto the infield. He has smashed the clutch cover off and the driveshaft balls have fallen out. Still, never mind, its all fixable.

A quick repair and out he goes. This incident hasn’t bothered him at all, and he storms away from the reds, finishing second.

Before we know it they are back out for their final. His start is faultless, and he works his way through the field. He gets into second place but there’s no catching cousin Camey who’s no April Fool!

Camey wins her first final followed closely by Frankie JJ and Amy Webster.

A fab day! A BIG WELL DONE to Camey Dorrell, a heat and final win! To Amy Webster, her first final! And to Frankie JJ for showing he’s got what it takes to win from Red!


Frankie JJ after smashing his clutch plate cover and dropped his balls out of the driveshaft

Top 3 in Sunday's Final: Camey Dorrell, Frankie JJ & Amy Webster

Stars of the future - Frankie JJ and Ryan Fairburn

Danny has too much inside weight

Strapped in ready for Heat 2

Ready for Heat 2

Mechanic Alan and daughter Beth help out at King's Lynn

Heat win