6th April 2012: F1 & Mini-stox at Skegness

Could the silver stripes be heading to Silsden?

Danny had a great meeting (Photo: Adrian Smith)

Wish there was more hours in the day sometimes! Working hard on Phoebe’s V8 meant we left for Skeg a little later than planned, but we managed to arrive before the meeting starts.

Young Frank is out in his Mini tonight. He’s had such a terrific start to the season that he’s in with a chance of winning the Silver Stripes. Former owner of the Silver roof is Max Hertzog who has now retired. When this happens the highest points scorer for each month gets the chance to have Silver Stripes, we are keeping our fingers crossed!

Out he goes for the first heat. He’s looking pretty good and finishes in eighth place. One of his rivals for the Silver Stripes is James Riggal (321). James was going well until he suffers with engine problems and has to retire from the evening’s racing. Tough luck for James, but will his misfortune go in Frankie’s favour?

Me and Dan go out for our first race. The car felt mint! Just about to move into first place when I notice it go off. It drops to 7 cylinders so I retire to the infield. Had a good look in the pits and things don’t look too flash. At first I thought it had done a piston but after a closer look I think it may have dropped a valve. Either way it meant that it had to be loaded up.

Frankie lines up for his only race of the night (Photo: Adrian Smith)

Senior it all before!

Engine inspection. It wasn't good.

Danny goes on to have a fab meeting though – third in heat 1, second in heat 2, fourth in the final and second in the national. Although disappointed that my engine is sick, it was good to watch Dan who was on a mission! Well done Bro!

Frankie JJ is out for his second race and he’s not hanging about! Despite the track being greasy he drives a sterling race and finishes second. Some valuable points! However, his best drive of the day was yet to come!

On his first lap in the final he gets spun out, but he rejoins at the back of the pack and looks incredible as he catches and passes all cars except one. Brad Stirk takes the flag and Frankie JJ is second!

He doesn’t realise that he’s got a place and drives off the track so I have to run after him and let him know he got a top 3 position. He’s really surprised and tells me he didn’t even remember passing any red tops. Guess he must have had tunnel vision?

Well Done Dan & Young Frank.

Could the silver stripes be heading to Silsden?

It’s been an evening of ups and downs, and having to drive 3 hours home when you have blown your engine is usually a long drive, but the anticipation of Frankie JJ possibly taking the major honours of the silver stripes at the tender age of 12 on Monday at Buxton really makes the drive a lot easier.

People assume that as he is a Wainman he should be good, but what they all forget is that he is a 12 year old child matching and beating 15 year old drivers with a lot more experience.

To say I am the proudest dad ever is no understatement, believe me!


Photo: Martin Fitzgerald

Photo: Martin Fitzgerald

Photo: Martin Fitzgerald

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