A successful month for young Frankie

Victory salute after heat 1 on Saturday

The trophy for third place in the Isle Of Man Sword

Young Frankie has attended a few meetings recently and has clocked up 7 races wins including a final.

Our travels took us to the Isle Of Man, where we raced on Saturday and Monday evening. Frankie was quick at both meetings, where the GB ministox kids fought for the Isle Of Man Sword. The highest point scorer over both meetings took this title.

Saturday and there are five straight heats. Frankie gets off to a great start and wins the first race.

Heat 3 and he’s back on track. A few good a quick drivers are out, Frankie battles on and takes fourth place.

One more race to go. He has another problem-free run and crosses the line third, putting him in with a chance of winning The Sword.

There’s more good news! After today’s racing Frankie has got himself on pole position for the gold roof race!

We take the short drive back to camp where we have a large gazebo to put up! This involved a bit of head scratching but we finally managed it.

Sunday is a day of leisure. All the GB mini kids take themselves off, there’s plenty for them to do. They go swimming and karting. That evening approx 80 of us catch a bus and head for Peel for a meal. The pub and it’s staff cope the best they can! Back on the bus and back to camp where we have a small party in the Gazebo that’s still standing.

Monday’s meeting starts at 7.30 so this leaves the whole morning free. Our friend Martin brings us a much appreciated brew, followed by Manchester sausages and Bacon! He can come again!

The weather is a mixture of sunshine and showers as be arrive for tonight’s racing. Once again JJ looks quick and he’s in with a chance of winning The Sword, along with a few others. He gets fourth in his first race.

In his next heat he needs to finish in a decent place to be in with a chance. He’s going well but struggles to pass Mitchell Peall and almost gets taken out. He manages to get sixth.

Now it depends what happens in the third between the other racers. Sam Roper is on a mission! He wins his heat and takes the title! Harry Peall finishes in second and Frankie in 3rd. Well done boys.

Just the final to go and JJ gets third behind the Roper boys, Sam and Simon. An awesome time was had by all. Great racing and great fun! Looking forward to next year!

After our IOM trip we find ourselves at Buxton. JJ is off to another flyer, looking super quick to take the first heat. Hot on his tail is cousin Camey Dorrell 262.

Heat 2 and once again Frankie is flying! He catches and passes most, but loses some time when he’s running next to Sam Roper. He manages to avoid crashing and finishes second behind Camey.

Time for the final which is 12 laps. Another faultless drive and he takes his second win of the afternoon.

The last race is a championship, the Buxton Endurance race which is 15 laps long. Frankie drives hard and fast and is sat in first place before the yellows are out with 2 to go.

Sitting behind Yound Frankie is his Cousin Camey followed by Sam Roper third. His start is perfect and two laps later he takes the flag to win his first championship.

What a brilliant day! Well done son, faultless driving!

Tuesday and we are on our way to Skegness. We take Camey, and our other cousins who are visiting from NZ.

Another fantastic start for mini driver 515, he wins the first race and the second.

He’s going really well in the final and is up to second place before he pulls off with electrical problems.

Courtney Witts 180 takes her first final so a big well done Courtney.

In the pits we look for the fault and think we have sorted it? Only the same thing happened again in the national! Never mind, he’s had such a brilliant run lately and you have to take the rough with the smooth.

So some brilliant meetings and driving from Frankie JJ! Keep it up!


Big thanks to Martin Fitzgerald for all these photos from The Isle Of Man and Buxton.

Saturday practice session

Heavy rain for the first heat on Saturday

Saturday night, and the first heat in the wet

Sideways in the wet

Heat 1 winner on Saturday

Fourth place in Heat 2 with one lap to go

Lined up for the Saturday night Final

Camp Wainman

Phoebe with Frankie

Dad, can you polish the car while I go swimming?

After the polishing

White wall tyres! Putting on the tyre black for Monday

Heat 1 action on Monday

Heat 1 on Monday and beaten to the line for third by cousin Camey

Heat 2 on Monday night

Monday night battle with the Pealls in Heat 2

3rd in the Sword championship

3rd in the meeting final on Monday night

Frankie on the mic

The Isle Of Man Sword

Buxton Heat 1 action

Leading Heat 1 with 2 laps to go

Battling with the Ropers at Buxton

Final winner

In the Final at Buxton

Second behind Camey in the final restart

He looks pleased with that one

Taking the lead in the Enduro

Taking a bow

Guess who won?

The Buxton Enduro race