Question Time

Frankie JJ’s first shale final win

Frankie JJ in the Saturday night Final.

Video by Martin Fitzgerald

Frankie JJ won his first shale final at King’s Lynn last week, so we had a few words with him.

You’re now a superstar – have you got used to starting from the back?
Yes, I think so. My dad moans about my starts a bit! It is harder to catch everyone up from the back so sometimes the odd waved yellow helps.

Do you like King’s Lynn, even after that big rollover you had there?
I’m enjoying King’s Lynn a bit more now than I used to! I have had a couple of wins around there which has helped with my confidence a bit.

You’ve had a few injuries recently. Do you think that’s affected your confidence?
I think I’ve got it back a bit. Dad thinks I’ve taken hits harder than grown men lately! My tar car was smashed to bits at Northampton. Everything was bent or broken, even my crash helmet!

When you took the lead, did you think that you were going to win or did you think Harry Peall might catch you?
The car felt good and I just managed to pull a bit of ground with about 3 to go! I try not too worry too much about other drivers catching me, I try to focus more about whats going on in front.

You got the best results of the family over the weekend. Have you mentioned that to your dad and Uncle Danny?
Ha ha, yes I rubbed it in their face a bit after my Grandad reminded me about their success at Sheffield the other week when I had a rubbish meeting!