Question Time

Interview with Phoebe

Phoebe after her first race win.

Last week, Phoebe was interviewed for the Stock Car Workshop page on Face Book.

Phoebe after her first race win.

Phoebe after her first race win.

Our second special guest of the week none other than Hotstox racer Pheobe Wainman #211.

Firstly Phoebe thank you very much for taking the time out to chat with us.
Thank you for asking me.

Do you get your hands dirty in the workshop?
I do try to but my dad is such a perfectionist that he prefers to do it himself, I just make brews mostly and help Danny out. obviously I do what I can, but dad is so clever and just knows what to do!

What needs repairing the most after a meeting?
I would say setting the car up for whatever track it is we are racing next, I never really need major repair because I don’t crash that much, so just the set up more than anything.

Do you have your own personal team?
No, my whole family are my team, they all help out in some way!

Who built your Hotstox?
Mick Rogers built my V8.

Do you put your dads tools back in the right place?
I don’t and dad gets so annoyed! haha, I think he’s got OCD.

Who helps you out with repairs at meetings?
Mainly Dan Clifford, my dad, and other drivers in V8s are so nice and help me out loads! Neil + Kev Stuchbury, Ray Williams and many others!

You must get this question a lot, would you like to move to Formula one in the future?
I would love to do F1’s but they are just so expensive and mum doesn’t want me to at the minute because it’s really rough out there. I want to achieve something in V8s first and to be honest I am happy in the V8s at the moment, I love them!

How many hours through the week do you spend on your Hotstox?
We literally get it ready the night before haha, so only a couple of hours because nothing really needs doing.

With all the cars in the workshop do you all have to fight for space?
Yes! My V8 always gets abandoned in a shed and the minis get the truck or in the garage haha.

Whats your favourite track?
My favourite track is either King’s Lynn or Coventry, I loved them in the minis and have only raced at Cov in the V8! can’t wait for a Lynn meeting.

Whats your favourite surface to race on?
I love dry Tarmac because it’s fun, but I do my best on wet Tarmac, just like my dad.

Who would win in a race between the wainman family members?
Definitely me! The power behind my V8 is unreal! It’s hard to say really, if we were all in an F1 obviously dad would win, Danny second, Frankie third and me fourth ha ha! But I would love to race with my dad and Danny! I miss racing with my brother.

Whats in your Dad’s workshop right now?
Two new Tarmac cars, Dad’s Tarmac car, and the mini truck, in Dad’s words.

What’s your best moment in racing so far?
I have a few, first has to be getting third in the mini world final, making superstar in minis, winning my first race in the V8, and making red in V8s…. all of which made my Dad cry ha ha!

If you won the lottery what would you do with it?
If I won the lottery half would go to my Dad, a quarter to charity, and I would keep the rest in my bank for when I’m older! And I’m not even joking.

Many thanks Phoebe, and good luck for the rest of the season and the future in V8 Hotstox.
Thank you.

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