9th April 2012: F1 at Belle Vue

Frankie on the podium with his first Final trophy of the season. (Photo: Mike Bottomley)

Frankie on the podium with his first Final trophy of the season. (Photo: Mike Bottomley)

So we arrived a bit late after stripping Frankie JJ’s Mini at Buxton. I’ve missed both heats but as it’s an all-in I can go out for the final.

It’s time to go out when I discover my car will not start as the battery is flat. So I get a push onto the track hoping that it will start and I’d be able to charge it a bit but this didn’t work. Myself and the team work like lightning and do a quick swap of the battery! Thankfully I was allowed a couple of minutes to do so.

The track was really slick but the car felt good. I blasted my way through the traffic avoiding trouble. Ed Neachell was ahead and quick but I managed to catch him and rattle him round the fence. I went on to take my first final of the season! Today so far couldn’t get any better!

The Grand National and I take the lap handicap. I felt confident with the car, the battery problem was sorted, and it was handling well. I caught up Ed and brother Dan and thought they were leading so I went for it! I was uncertain what positions they were in but I was rewarded with third place.

So, a very long day! Both transporters head for home leaving Dad, Daniel and the crew to take the fence down. The rain is still heavy, I don’t envy them!

We have done just short of 900 miles from Friday’s meeting to Monday’s meetings, and to be honest it’s been a real struggle, both physically and financially. I will be glad to get home!


They didn't stay that clean for long (Photo: Mike Bottomley)

Danny at full speed around Belle Vue (Photo: Carl Hesketh)

Both trucks in the pits (Photo: Mike Bottomley)

Ready to race, awaiting driver (Photo: Dave Pyke)

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