Behind The Scenes

First World Final!

If you think stock car drivers have no emotions, please watch this video until the end. It clearly shows how much it means to Phoebe to qualify for a world final.

From the 7th row at the toughest shale track that we race, at she worked her way up to 7th place. Battling with Karl 313 for 6th it was going to be risky trying to overtake, so counting back and working out she was in 7th place she decided the safest option was to settle for 7th with around 6 laps to go. Unfortunately for her, Ashley 346, who was the fastest car in the race, caught her and tried to barge past, but he tangled up with Phoebe and took them both out for a few seconds.

They both carried on and luckily still qualified in 9th and 10th, but Phoebe didn’t know, as the video shows. 

As a very proud father you can see I try to tell her she was definitely in the top 10, but I just didn’t know where, and it wasn’t until I got the confirmed results that she actually realised she had done it.   


Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t done a write up for a while, my life is just crazy busy and I struggle to find the time! But I did want to do a write up following my semi final at the weekend.

On the day of the semi final I was so excited! I never really got nervous as I I just kept thinking ‘it’s just like every other race’ and I honestly just couldn’t wait to get stuck in! I think my family were a lot more nervous than I was!

The parade lap was so crazy and I just want to thank everyone for the huge amount of support that I got, it gave me such a giddy boost!

I lined up in my position (7th row inside) and Karl helped me get my belts and gear on. It was then that I felt the first twinge of nerves!

I didn’t really have a plan, I just wanted to make sure I watch where I was going and look ahead so that I could read the race and hopefully stay out of trouble and finish in the top 10.

On the rolling lap I could feel the whole outside row pushing in and then as soon as the green flag dropped someone tangled their front wheel with mine.. not a great start! I think a few people passed me but I carried on and luckily didn’t have any damage.

A few laps later there was a yellow flag, I counted from 1st place and I was in 13th. I was quite disappointed because when I looked behind me I could see a lot of good drivers!

I got a good start however and managed to gain a few more places because on the next yellow flag I was in 8th!! I literally remember saying to myself ‘don’t get your hopes up yet Phoebe!’

The race continued and the car felt quite good, I could feel that I was a bit quicker than a couple cars in front of me but because it’s a semi final and this is Sheffield we’re talking about, I decided to just stay safe and follow them around, I was in 7th place after all meaning that I was in the qualifying places at the moment.

With 2 laps to go I was in 7th and I could feel myself starting to get excited and having to tell myself to calm down because when I get excited my driving changes completely!

Then all of a sudden another driver came out of nowhere and takes the both of us out.. I couldn’t believe it. About 4 other cars passed us and I crossed the line thinking that I got 13th.. I was honestly devastated.

I pulled off the track onto the infield and I’m not going to lie I was crying quite a lot! I didn’t realise how much qualifying for a world final meant to me until that moment. Karl came over and he was just as upset as I was.

Then I saw dad come running over, he leant in my cab and grabbed my hand and told me I got 10th! Then I broke down again, what a rollercoaster of emotions that was!

I couldn’t actually believe that I had qualified for my first ever Brisca F1 World Championship! I literally used to dream of this moment when I was in minis!

I cannot wait for the World Final now, i don’t really have any expectations because at the end of the day I’m just so happy that I qualified!

I had an onboard camera on which caught the whole thing. Please don’t judge me for crying on the video, I was so emotional and racing means so much to me and my family!

At least me qualifying for the WF takes all the focus off me going down to yellow haha!

See you all at Buxton!

Phoebe x

Big thanks to Jordan for the footage.