Behind The Scenes

Random Old Photos (Vol 2)

Mostly photos from the workshop taken in 1981 by Keith Hall.

This is FWJ’s first ever stock car, the car he raced in the famous field at the farm. The car had a diesel engine.
The Richy Ahern 18 car being refurbished for Bobby Burns to race in 1982, and also the old Joe Jopling car sat on a new chassis being built.
Frankie’s 1981 car, the low rider which would be raced by Joe Jopling 452 in 1982.
This is the same car as above, with Joe at Aycliffe. (Des Penny photo)
The Richy Ahern car being refurbed for Bobby Burns 471 to race in the 1982 season.
This is one of the wedge cars that Frankie raced in 1980, with 488 Colin Gautry behind the wheel.
The car that would end up with 403 Malcolm Lindop.
Malc at Blackburn in 1982. (HM/IB photo)
A new Wainman chassis on the production line for 1982.
Another new build in progress.
433 Brian Rumney’s car before he raced number 242.