Behind The Scenes

Winter Rebuilds

Woody casts his eye over FWJJ's handiwork.

Woody casts his eye over FWJJ’s handiwork.

After 17 years from last refurb we’ve got an issue with the truck that needs resolving. It’s a time consuming and expensive job but has to be done. We’re not expecting it out anytime soon.

FWJ’s tarmac car still needs hundreds of hours work.

Young Frank is working on refurbishing the ex Dave Hopkins tar car for the 2017 season. He’s using the same shale car from 2016.

Unfortunately none of us will be racing at Wimbledon. It’s impossible for us all to put anymore hours in physically so we will not be attending. But we’re sure it will still be great! Go along and support the drivers who are able to go, and we hope it’s an enjoyable meeting for all involved.

We’re hoping to make it to early shale meetings at beginning of the season.

The FWJ shale car has been refurbished and repainted, and was on display at the Norbreck Castle Motorshow in Blackpool.