Featured Fans: August 2011

Samantha Nicholson “My first ever meeting, and I met this charming young man!”

Daniella Makinson

Daniella Makinson is from Blackpool, and has been going racing since she was 4. Here she is with Frankie Senior at his Testimonial Meeting.

Leah Notman

I am Leah Notman, I am 6 years old and I live in the Cotswolds. I am a massive Frankie fan, he is so friendly and kind, he always has time for a cuddle. I am hoping he wins the gold roof very soon as my sister is an Andy Smith fan, and I would love to say Frankie is the world Champ to her.

Matthew Goring and James Sheard

These two fans probably need no introduction… The sport’s leading junior Mr Starters – Matthew Goring and James Sheard.

Sara-Jayne Smith

Mike Smith

Graham Carr

Graham Carr at the 2011 British Championship meeting at King’s Lynn.

Lorraine Carr and Gemma Madison

Lorraine Carr and Gemma Madison at the 2011 World Semi-Final meeting at Skegness.

Ellena Paskin
Ellena Paskin, age 8, loves the racing, whatever the weather. She’s crazy about Junior, but since JJ came about things are changing!

Lydia Hemingway

Lydia Hemingway, aged 5 from Huddersfield. She loves “all” the Wainmans. Lydia is a 3rd generation Wainman fan. Her Grandad Hazz raced at Sunny Vale and has badges of 212 in the 70s, her Dad AJ races Stoxkarts and is number 503. the nearest number to FWJ when he started racing F2s. He has kept the number through his saloons and now Stoxkarts. Lydia and her dad love stockcars and especially the Wainman team, the minis, and mums! Even on a recent holiday to Turkey, racing down the water slides against other kids Lydia was team Wainman, yes there was contact! The pictures attached are from her first meeting made very special by FWS, FWJ and Danny at Sheffield.