2022 Meeting Report – King’s Lynn (2/7/2022)

The first meeting in July was at King’s Lynn’s Adrian Flux Arena, and it was another early start for the drive to Norfolk, where we took 4 cars, Phoebe’s plus 3 hire cars. The hire cars were being driven by Lewis Galer (78), Trevor Queenan (336) and Billy Queenan (360). Both Trevor and Billy have raced F2’s in the past.
The meeting format was 2/3 with heat 1 being a whites and yellows race.
Heat 1 (Whites & Yellows)
After completing their initial 5 laps, both Trevor and Billy took to the track for heat 1, and both started from the back as novices.
After a tentative start they both drove really well and both finished, in 8th and 9th.
Sheldon Wadsworth (319) won heat 1.
Heat 2
Both Phoebe and Lewis were out for heat 2, Lewis on the front of the yellows with Phoebe alongside Ashley England (346) on row 2 of the blues. Lewis retired with a mechanical issue but Phoebe drove an excellent race to finish 4th behind race winner Ryan Harrison (197), Craig Finnikin (55), Tom Harris (1) and Sam Makim (93).
Heat 3
Phoebe and Lewis were both straight back out for heat 3 and they were joined by Trevor and Billy, who again started from the back.
The race followed a similar path as heat 2 as Ryan took the lead after some early yellow flags, and went on to win his 2nd race of the evening, with Phoebe finishing 12th and Lewis failing to finish.
All 4 cars went out for the final and with 28 on track it was a busy grid.
About half distance we had yellows for an incident involving Russell Cooper (415) and also a pile up on turns 3 and 4 involving Lewis, Billy, William Adams (545) and Daniel Brooke (548), all were OK.
After more yellows to rescue the stranded Ashley England the restart order was Ryan, Sheldon, Craig and Tom, but with Tom pulling off before the green flag it left Ryan and Craig to take the first two positions with Paul Hines 3rd. Phoebe and Trevor failed to finish.
Grand National
Once again we had all 4 cars out for the grand national, and in a race that only had one period of yellows, for the recovery of Trevor from the turn 3 fence and Lewis who was stranded on back straight, it was James Morris (463) who took the chequered flag for his 2nd race win of the season (his first being at Northampton in April) with Ryan 2nd from a lap handicap (he missed the 463 back bumper on the last bend by millimetres) and Phoebe finishing 9th.

Next up for Wainman Racing is Skegness, see you there

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Unloading the cars in the KL pits!
Arrived and ready to race
Trevor and Billy Queenan were racing in hire cars for the first time
Trevor and Billy Queenan were racing in hire cars for the first time
Billy and Trevor with their ‘wheels’ for the evening
Billy and Trevor at scrutineering
Phoebe getting her car ready
We had 3 hire cars at King’s Lynn
Phoebe after 4th place in her first heat
The Queenans line up at the back for their first heat
Lewis in action in his first heat

Photo’s ©Paul Greenwood / Sam Wainman