2022 Meeting Report – Northampton (10/4/2022)

After a great nights racing at Mildenhall we travelled across to Northampton for the 2nd meeting of the weekend on Sunday.
We were down to just 4 cars on Sunday, as Danny had to head back to Silsden after the meeting at Mildenhall with a blown engine.
Heat 1
Phoebe, Frankie JJ and Lewis Galer took to the track for the first F1 heat of the afternoon, and after a massive pile upon turns 1 & 2, Frankie JJ was the only one to qualify for the final, finishing 3rd behind race winner Tom Harris (1) and 2nd placed Matt Newson (16).
Heat 2
Frankie went our for heat 2 and lined up alongside fellow superstar Ryan Harrison, and after another entertaining race, where Ryan Harrison went for a last bender on Jack France (216) for the win, after the 197 car rolled, Charlie Sworder (5) beat Mark Gilbank (21) to the line to take the win with Frankie 5th.
As at the meeting the previous evening both Phoebe and Lewis went out to contest the consolation, and in a race won by Paul Hines (259), Phoebe managed 9th and earned a place in the final.
The final was a fantastic race, and after Tom Harris (1) mounted the fence and collected Nigel de Kock (525) and Mark Sargent (326) the race opened up, and as we saw the lap boards for the first time it was Frankie in pursuit of Charlie Sworder, who was looking for his first ever heat/final, and he did it, with Frankie unable to close the gap on a very slick track surface.
Grand National
With a 31 car grand national the cars were spread out when the green flag went down, and Tom Harris made light work of getting to the front, behind him Frankie finished 4th with Frankie JJ 7th to end an entertaining and exciting weekend for Wainman Racing

Back to tarmac now for the Good Friday meeting at Skegness, see you there!

It’s always busy around Wainman Racing in the pits
Frankie helping Lewis Galer with the set-up of his car
Work on the birdcage bearing that was an issue the pervious evening at Mildenhall
The team at work on the 515 car
2nd in the final for Frankie!

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Photo’s ©Ian Bannister