2022 Meeting Report – Northampton, 2022 World Masters (11/9/2022)

The BriSCA F1 train moved to Northamptonshire form Suffolk for the 2022 World Masters, where Nigel De Kock (525) was looking to be the first driver to defend the title. We had 5 cars competing for the title, Frankie, Danny, Phoebe, Frankie JJ and Mitch Vickery.
Heat 1
Both Phoebe and Frankie JJ went out for the first F1 race of the afternoon, both lined up with the reds. We had yellow flags after 5 laps to recover a stranded car and from the restart it was Steve Malkin (308) who had the lead with John Lund tucked in behind. After Steve puled off with a blown engine and John came to a halt on the back straight, it was Mark Tesselaar (H40) who took the lead and kept it to take his 2nd win of the year in the UK (the first being at Odsal in May). Phoebe finished 11th.
Heat 2
Frankie, Danny and Mitch went out for heat 2, but Mitch pulled off onto the centre on the rolling lap. Frankie again has to retire with a flat inside rear but Danny managed to work his way through the pack to finish 5th behind race winner Sam Makim (93).
Frankie, Phoebe, Frankie JJ and Mitch all had to go out for the consolation, and it was a great race for Frankie, as he hit the front as early as lap 6.
With no yellows he kept the lead to take a win with Mitch finishing 4th and Phoebe 8th.
Final (2022 World Masters)
The final gave us a grid of cars both from the UK, Europe and New Zealand, with Mitch lining up on the front row of the blues, Phoebe and Frankie JJ in the middle of the reds and Frankie near the back as usual.
We had yellow flags on laps 4, 6 and 8, and after this it was Niels Tesselaar (418) who had the lead, but with 3 laps to go the order was Matt Newson (16) at the front, Jake Walker 2nd and Niels Tesselaar 3rd, but a final bend lunge up the side of the Dutchman by Mitch Vickery saw him take 3rd and become the first Kiwi to podium in a major championship in the UK. Phoebe finished 8th after some excellent driving.
Grand National
We had all 5 cars out for the grand national and final race of a hectic weekend, and by half way Frankie was up to 3rd with Danny making progress through the pack. Frankie hit the front when the 5 lap board came out, passing John Lund (53) to get to the lead, and it was those two who finished first and second, Frankie’s 2nd win of the afternoon.

Next time out it’s off to Kings Lynn for the First Shootout round of 2022, see you there.

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Cars being unloaded and readied for racing
Crowds as usual around the pits
Danny off out on track for his heat
Frankie JJ off out for his heat
Last minute suspension tweaks for Phoebe from Karl and Ashley
Frankie excellent progress in his heat was brought to a halt by a puncture
Frankie and Chris check the carb float levels after his first race
Mitch leaves the raceway after his heat
Frankie makes amends in the consolation with a welcome win
Frankie gives his trophy to a young fan
Frankie JJ and the new World Champion, Charlie Sworder
Mitch Vickery after his excellent 3rd pace in the 2022 World Masters

Photo’s ©Ian Bannister