2022 Update #11 – Model drivers in Silsden

At the recent Skegness ‘weekender’ (7/8/May 2022), we had a special delivery to the Wainman Racing pits, with expert model maker, Tom Poynton delivering some magnificent models of Frankie JJ, Phoebe and Karl’s cars to the drivers, and we had to admit they were amazing. The models are all hand made from scratch by Tom, and the amount of detail is stunning.

When she received the model of her car, Phoebe said “I would like to say a massive thank you to Tom for his hard work and the amount of hours that he put into making these models for me. I cannot believe the detail and I really do love them so much! Me and Karl are going to have them on our table at our wedding which I think will look really cool! Thank you Tom!”

Frankie was also delighted with his models and he said “Thank you for the brilliant models of my shale and tarmac car Tom, I was only expecting the model of my tarmac car so it was a huge surprise to get the shale car also. They are amazing!”

We caught up with Tom last week and he said “It was a massive pleasure to build the cars for Phoebe, Frankie and Karl. They were expecting two models but I surprised them with four! Their reactions when they received them was amazing, especially when they found out about the two surprise ones! The models looked great on the cars, I love to see them with the real thing!”

Tom added “I hope they all enjoy the models for many years to come. I wish them all the best for the rest of the season and on”.

“Each model takes me around 30-40 hours to complete. They’re built from plastic strips and card. The bonnet comes off and there is a full detailed engine, radiator and exhausts underneath. Also, in the cab, I try to get as much detail as possible. I draw the signs on Adobe illustrator, with touching up and pin striping done by hand. Wheels are made using resin and hand painted”.

If you’d like to see more Tom’s models please like his facebook page

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Photo’s ©Tom Poynton / Phoebe Wainman / Sheds Snaps