2023 Meeting Report – Hednesford, (1/5/2023)

Today we moved over from Buxton to Hednesford for another world championship qualifying round, with Frankie and Frankie JJ racing today. The format is 4 races for the F1’s, 2 heats, final and grand national.
Heat 1
The format for the day was ‘All In’ so all drivers in all races, and for heat 1 we followed 2 banger races and there were a good few patches of oil on track that had been sanded/cemented so it made things interesting.
Chris Worrall started near the front and didn’t complete 1 lap before hitting the fence causing some inside bumper damage which resulted in him loading up for the day. Before half way and after a couple of yellows it was Tom Harris who lead with Frankie and Charlie Sworder making progress through the field, however up front George Elwell was hanging onto Toms bumper as he crossed the line for his 13th win of the season, with George 2nd and Neil Scriven 3rd. Frankie finished 5th after a battle with Liam Gilbank for the 2nd half of the race.
Heat 2
Heat 2 was a little lest dusty and slick as the cars started and with no yellows it was George Elwell who hit the front before half distance and stayed there to take his first win of the season (after losing the one he had the previous day), with Josh Spiers 2nd and Neil Scriven 3rd for the 2nd race in succession. Frankie finished 5th behind Tom but Frankie JJ retired with a damaged gearbox.
The final was also All In and the race was quite hectic, with Tom pushing Frankie wide on turn 3 of the first lap, and with Ricky Wilson and George Elwell challenging up front they soon pulled clear, whilst further back Frankie and Charlie Sworder were swapping places as they moved through the pack. At this stage Liam Gilbank is holding Tom Harris up as Tom slides round the bends to keep up the speed, and now just after half way with Josh Smith joining Frankie and Charlie Graham Elwell hits the front and pulls away, and with Tom trying his best its George who claims his 2nd win of the day, and his first ever heat/final double with tom half the straight behind.
Grand National
Only Frankie went out for the grand national and started at the back as usual, and made steady progress through the pack, but after the only yellows of the race it was a Scriven 1-2. with Neil leading Michael, but that changes on the next lap and Michael Scriven went on to win the race, with Tom 2nd and Frankie finishing 8th.

Next weekend its the first Skegness ‘Weekender’ of the season, with another world championship qualifier on Saturday and the UK Open Championship on Sunday.

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Still work to do after Buxton the previous day
Frankie’s car needed some work to identify and sort an oil leak
Fault identified, rear main engine seal, and here is Bug (Joelan Maynard) helping fix the problem
Frankie JJ posing for a photo with a young fan
Frankie JJ off out on track for heat 1
Frankie JJ about to pass his dad (well that’s what he will say!)
Frankie and Tom under yellows in heat 1
Frankie on his way out for heat 2
Frankie JJ on his way out for heat 2
Thumbs up from Frankie as he heads out for the final!

Photo’s ©Ian Bannister