2023 Meeting Report – Northampton Shaleway, (23/4/2023)

No rest for the wicked as they say, and after the trip across from Mildenhall, we set up shop at Northampton for another wcq round
Heat 1
Frankie was in heat 1 and was hoping the car performed as well as it did the previous evening, and it certainly did. The heat started well with Frankie moving through the field well, but on halfway the car wasn’t handling as well going into the corners , but still quick. As the race came towards the end Charlie Sworder passed Frankie on the entrance to the bend, but didn’t pull away, while up front James Morris was well clear of the chasing William Adams and Bobby Griffin. It was James who continued his early form with the win with William 2nd and Bobby 3rd, Frankie finishing 5th.
Heat 2
Danny went out for heat 2 and was on the back row of the reds with Liam Gilbank, and it was a quick race with no yellows, and within 5 laps Tom Harris has the lead and was clear of the chasing pack. Tom won the race with Richard Woods 2nd and George Ewell 3rd, with Danny finishing 4th.
Again we didn’t have a car in the consolation, which was won by fellow Yorkshireman Ricky Wilson, his first ever win at Northampton in an F1, with Daniel Brooke finishing 10th.
Frankie and Danny both lined up for the meeting final, which by this time was in full sunshine. With 5 laps of the start Tom Harris retired with a puncture followed by a few others with similar issues, and Frankie’s car was again progressing well through the pack and Danny was up to 9th behind race leader James Morris. We then had a red flag for Daniel Brook who found himself on his roof on turn 2, and from this restart it was Mat Newson leading from George Ewell and Bobby Griffin. Next it was more yellows as Frankie retired with a o/s rear puncture, while racing with Jack France, and now it was Mat who led them off with Craig Finnikin 2nd and James Morris 3rd, alas Craig suffered a puncture with 2 to go which meant a first win of the season for Mat, with James Morris 2nd and Bobby Griffin 3rd.
Grand National
Only Danny made it out for the grand national, Frankie having some issues with the o/s rear, and it was quite a race, as he took the lead before half distance and led to the chequered flag for his first win of the season, with Bobby Griffin 2nd and Casey Englestone 3rd.

Next weekend is bank Holiday weekend and we will be at both Buxton & Hednesford (Sunday and Monday), see you there!

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Billy helping to upload the 515 car from the trailer
Getting into action for the days racing at Northampton
The 515 car having the gears swapped and some suspension adjustments from Mildenhall last night
Danny and Frankie’s car with Daniel Brooks too
Frankie doing some welding on the 548 car
Winging it ….. never, always prepared!
Danny on his way out for his heat
Some attention needed for Frankie’s car before the final
Frankie snr signing some vintage memorabilia for a fan
Danny after his win in the grand national

Photo’s ©Ian Bannister