2023 Meeting Report – Skegness, (7/4/2023)

We made our first trip of the season to Skegness and we had 4 cars with us, Frankie JJ together with 3 hire cars, for John Horne (19), Al Plant (23) and Scott Smith (41) the latter not having raced a BriSCA F1 before.
Heat 1
Frankie JJ and Scott went out for heat 1, and it was a stop start affair with 4 yellow flag periods, but in the end it was Tom Harris who took the chequered flag by some distance with George Elwell 2nd and Casey Englestone finishing 3rd. Frankie JJ retired just after halfway after coming to a halt on turn 4,
Heat 2
Al Plant and Jon Horne were out in heat 2 alongside stadium owner and promoter Rob Speak, who was using the 464 car of Luke Davidson, it was Kyle Gray who won this one with Rob Speak 2nd and Bobby Griffin 3rd.
Heat 3
All 4 cars went out for heat 3, and again it was Tom Harris who took the lead early on and led till the end. Frankie JJ had more damage after this race as he hit the stranded 23 car of Al as he entered the start finish line causing considerable damage to both cars.
Jon and Scott went out for the final, and we lost Jon on the back straight before half way, and not long after that Paul Hines took the lead from George Elwell and led to the flag, with George holding of the challenge of Rob Speak who came home 3rd.
Grand National
Frankie and Danny took to the track for the final race of the evening, and despite a With Frankie JJ and Al loaded up it was Jon and Scott who went out for the grand national, and like two other races this evening it was the 84 car of Tom Harris who took the chequered flag, with George Elwell taking another 2nd and Kyle Gray following up his heat win with a 3rd.

Next time, ad providing testing goes well, we are hoping to debut Frankie’s new shale car at King’s Lynn , see you there.

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All unloaded and ready for some action
Scott Smith off out for some practice in one of the hire cars
Al Plant off out for some practice in one of the hire cars
Scott and Al wait to go on track
Frankie JJ returns to the pits after a practice run
Damage to repair to Frankie JJ’s car before his next race
Loaded early due to damage for Frankie JJ and Al

Photo’s ©Ian Bannister