Awards Nights

There hasn’t really been a weekend free since our November meeting.

The F1 drivers Do and the V8 Do fell on the same evening. I was awarded with third in Driver Of The Year, and Phoebe did well winning Best Newcomer! Well done Phoebe and very well deserved.

I would like to say a big thank you to all sponsors who have helped to keep Phoebe and Frankie JJ on the track: GTR Refrigeration, Jason Holden, Wessex Commercials, Merc Specialists, AKA & Whitworth engines.

A fortnight later and it’s young Frank’s award night. What a year he’s had! He seemed to get called up every two minutes. His awards were for the following:

  • Gold Top
  • National Points
  • King of Tarmac
  • Race Master (most race wins)
  • Barford Track Championship
  • Buxton Track Championship
  • Buxton Endurance

To say the children have done us proud is an understatement! JJ has driven with a mature head and was the only driver to get over 1000 points to win the silver. Phoebe has impressed me at every meeting.

Believe me, none of their success had come easy, there has been a huge amount of hard work gone in behind the scenes.


Big thanks to Dave Bastock for these photos.