Fancy a laugh?

Frankie was once paid £1000 at Coventry for some work that he had done on a car. I decided to hide it in a pillow case on the truck. Shortly after Little Frank, who was about 4 years old, asked if he could go to the ice cream van with his friend, explaining that he already had some money. When he returned he walked up to me and Frankie to give us his change – our jaws dropped when he handed us £998!

When Phoebe was 8 years old we had a meeting on a Friday and because we had already used all her holidays up in New Zealand I told her that we would tell school she wasn’t very well. When I collected her from school Thursday afternoon she was stood with her teacher looking pleased with herself and her teacher grinned at me as she said “Phoebe tells me she will not be in school tomorrow because she’s going to be ill!”

An avid Frankie fan approached him with an offer of some cheap diesel, and Frankie not being one to turn down a bargain agreed to follow this chap back to his place after the meeting, as he only lived down the road. We ended up on a very small housing estate in the pitch black trying not to hit anything! We waited for a while and noticed 515 stickers in the bedroom window. A couple of minutes later he returned and said “You can have this one for nothing but let me know if you need any more”, and handed over a half empty 5 litre jerry can!