FWJ and the Tesselaars

As we mentioned in our update at the end of last month (January 2022), the team have been busy in the workshop, not only building Frankie’s new shale car, but also working on 2 new customer cars.

You may now have read elsewhere that the two new cars will be for Dutch brothers, and great friends of BriSCA in the UK, Jelle and Niels Tesselaar.

Jelle and Niels have been over at Wainman HQ regularly since Christmas working alongside Frankie and the team to build their new cars for the 2022 season.

The cars will be heading over to Holland in a few weeks where they will be finished and painted and it is expected that the cars will be on track by the end of March and we cant wait to see them back on the UK shale tracks entertaining us as we know they can.

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New race number for Niels Tesselaar (418) for 2022
Jelle and Niels at Wainman Racing HQ
Jelle’s helmet on his new car
Working on the two new cars in Frankie’s workshop
Smile!! Frankie, Jelle and Niels hard at work …. nearly!
Niels’ new car in the early build stage
Jelle’s new car in the early build stage
Frankie and Jelle hard at work
Niels making sure it fits!!
Niels takes a break in the workshop
All smiles after a hard days work on their new cars!

Photo’s ¬©Ian Bannister