FWJ | New 515 Shale Car for 2022

During the close season, drivers and their mechanics put their feet up and watch Emmerdale and Countdown ……… then reality hits and the real hard work starts.

No sooner had the flag dropped at Skegness for the Grand National last November (20/11/2021) teams were planning the 2022 campaign.

Wainman Racing is no different with repairs to cars, new cars to build for customers, customer repairs and most drivers/mechanics also have jobs.

This winter however, there is another new car in the garage, as FWJ is building a new shale car for himself.

Below are a couple of ‘sneak preview’ pictures, and you will have to wait until the season starts to see the finished car, but we want it to be ready ASAP.

The iconic 515 number on the rear of FWJ’s seat

The cab is starting to get some of it’s familiar elements

Photo’s ¬©Ian Bannister