Phoebe’s 2018 Recap

Borrowed Dad’s car for the Gala Night.

I just wanted to do a quick re-cap of 2018 as it has been such a brilliant year for my racing career.

Some things that I am particularly proud of are getting to blue grade and holding blue all year, finishing 27th in the points and becoming the 2018 One Car Series Champion!

Also being presented with the Commitment Award as recognition of attending every single meeting of the year (my dad was the only other driver to receive this) and also Team Wainman receiving an award for being the Best Presented Team of 2018. There are many other highlights that I could mention but I would be here for a long time listing them all!

Best presented team!

In a way I am a bit sad that this year has ended but at the same time a bit relieved that we will all get a break… well kind of… my car is currently being stripped down and re-built ready to be painted and sign-written for next year so we are all still quite busy!

I still have a lot more to look forward to however, I will be taking part in the NEC Live Action Arena on 12th and 13th January 2019, and I am also racing in the Ladies Stock Car Champs in New Zealand in January 2019.

Just about to go to the paint shop.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and help during 2018, particularly my Dad, Mum, Karl, Frankie, Gareth, Russ, Lee, Ashley, Anthony, Dan, Binsi, Norm, Esmond, Raz, Sean and Matt. Also a huge thank you to the support I receive from fans which means the absolute world to me!

I would also like to say a massive thank you to all of my sponsors for your continued support during 2018 and also into 2019 as without your help I would simply not be on track.

I will be posting updates on here and also on my social media platforms during the off season so keep checking those to keep updated.

Hopefully 2019 will bring me another brilliant season and I hope to love it as much as I loved 2018!

Phoebe x