Team GB at Auckland.


Team GB had a trial team race at Auckland this Saturday.

It wasn’t the best evening with 4/5 cars suffering with problems.

Craig Finnikin broke the 5th coil at the start of the race leaving him very limited with what he could do. Danny lost the use of his clutch so he struggled to block. Neil Scothern managed to get a couple of hits in but broke his steering box doing so.

FWJ managed to lead for 3 laps before getting blocked by a tank, at this stage his gearbox mainshaft broke leaving him stranded.

Even so, it’s better that these problems occurred on that occasion rather than at the teams this forthcoming weekend at Palmerston.

All worked hard to get their cars back out for the remainder of the meeting. FWJ went on to win 2 races so that was cool.

Young Frankie also managed to drive in his third meeting out here. 1 of 26 ministox, he was the only driver who had to start off the back in every race. He went on to get two 8th places and an 11th, looking good getting to grips with that rear wheel drive no problem. His experience came through, passing 8 cars in 2 laps with some clever manoeuvres.

Mentions to all who helped fix the GB cars, in FWJ’s case, Bexs Kylie Barr and Robbie Mabey were a godsend, plus one or two others.

Fingers crossed for team GB this weekend.