Wainmans in New Zealand ’24 | Post 5 – Phoebe in the 240’s

An absolute dream come true for me to be able to race a Superstock at the World 240’s weekend in New Zealand.

In my first qualifying heat I started grid 4 and finished 6th! In my second I started grid 20th and finished 11th. This meant I finished 7th out of my group of 24 drivers and qualified for Tier 2! I am so proud of this achievement, it is really something I never thought would happen.

In my first Tier 2 race I started grid 24 and finished 18th but in my second race I had some problems with the gearbox and had to pull off, unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to fix it for my third race.

I am super stoked with my results and the pace that I had. Racing against some of New Zealand’s best drivers who I have been watching since I was a little girl was really surreal. I want to thank everyone who made this dream of mine possible!

Photo’s ©Phoebe Wainman

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Me in my wheels for the day!
Lined up waiting for scrutineering
6th in my first race!
When I just found out I made tier 2