Wainmans in New Zealand ’24 | Post 6 – An eventful run in the 240’s

Started first heat off 16 managed to get round first corner carnage ok and slowly picked my way up to 10th place car felt ok but could feel something wasn’t just right on rear suspension.

After race we found we had a slightly bent back outside shock which must of happened in first corner mayhem.

Heat 2, I started off 3 and after good couple of laps battling with Ethan Rees managed to get away into a good lead which I held until about 3 laps to go when I caught and lapped a slow back marker 5w Levin, and as it was only heat 2 and he literally waved me past I thought we were safe to go.
Obviously he had other ideas as he picked me up and took me to the wall. I recovered well and carried straight on but had broke the front stub end so had no brakes and not much steering so had to retire from the race.

Heat 3 was always going to be quiet for me as I wasn’t in the running so I tried to clear a path on first corner for Frankie as he was the highest UK driver on points just ahead of Charlie a red light 3 laps later saw Frankie in the wall with a flat left rear tyre and bent rim stopping him carrying on.

I finished the race in a good place but the dnf in heat 2 meant no chance of a podium.

Also well done to Phoebe for her run out in the 240’s too

Photo’s all credited on pictures

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Levin (5w) takes me up the wall whilst a lap down
Phoebe in the thick of the action in one of her races