Winter 2022 Update #1

As with most teams, work doesn’t stop when the season ends, it just starts again, and here at Wainman Racing it is no different.
The team have been busy in the garage all winter with lots of work on the go to get things ready for the 2022 season, which starts at Kings Lynn in just 6 weeks time.
All the cars from last year are having work done to them, from panelling to steelwork, and as we reported earlier, Frankie is building a new shale car for himself too this year.
So the garage contains cars at different stages of construction, and others mid-repair or refurbish.
We will give you another update in a few weeks time so you can see how work is progressing.

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555 Shale Car
Frankie JJ’s car awaiting new rear bumper
211 Shale Car
Phoebe’s car getting a little elevated
Frankie JJ and Phoebe’s cars
Frankie JJ car in the garage
New cars at various stages of construction in the garage

Photo’s ¬©Ian Bannister