Flashback to the 2012 New Zealand Championship.

Flashback to the 2012 New Zealand Championship.

Three Wainmans will be making the big trip down under to represent the UK this winter. Danny, Frankie JJ, and myself, will be flying out soon.

Me and Dannny will both be competing in the 240s and the Teams Champs. We also have a new exciting race to compete in. Auckland track are having a team race – The Poms versus The Kiwis, so we are both looking forward to that!

Young Frankie will be participating in the NZ version of Ministox, alongside his Kiwi cousin, Brennan Dorrell.

So a busy trip lies ahead of us yet again.

This could be the last year we have the use of my Kiwi self-built car and Transporter? I hope to sell them to help fund our racing back in the UK. It will be hard to let go of them both as we have had some fabulous times with them both, but needs must.

So wish the three of us, and the other GB drivers the best of luck! Maybe I will see some of you over there?