World Final 2015

We travelled down to King’s Lynn on the Friday so Kiwi Bryce Steiny could race at the overseas drivers meeting.

The following day was the big one! The pits were extremely busy before the race so no time for nerves.

The team worked on the tar car all day, getting it ready for Sunday. The shale car was scrutineered and put into the compound. So all we had to do was wait to get called for the race.

We had an awesome amount of support shown by our loyal fans throughout the day. Thanks to everyone for that.

Finally, we’re on the parade lap. The atmosphere was electric! Followed by…   Gentlemen, start your engines!

The first start was hectic as expected, and I ended up back down the order a bit, but came back through to second. Then there was a complete restart.

On the re-start Stuart was struggling down the straight due to steering problems and I hit a tyre but bounced off in the right direction with no damage.

Speaky 318 was mega quick off the starts but as the race settled I started to catch him up, only for another stoppage. At this point Danny had gone out too.

More re-starts followed!

I finished second. I was pleased to be on the podium again and a part of the race.

Congratulations to Rob, and get well soon Dylan.


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