1st April 2013: F1 & Ministox at Belle Vue

JJ with the chequered [Photo: Mike Bottomley]

JJ with the chequered [Photo: Mike Bottomley]

The sun is shining as we arrive at Belle Vue, and there are a lot of formulae on tonight.

The minis are on first, and Frankie’s start is much better after receiving a bit of ribbing from the team. A good race with no waved yellows and Frankie reads it well avoiding various tricky situations.

Five laps to go and he’s up to third place, then he takes second. 1n first place is Spencer Roper who got spun, and rejoined the race how he knows best, across the infield!

A good last lap between him and Frankie. Spencer beats Frankie across the line but is docked two places for not slowing down on the infield.

Me and Danny are out next. The track is really dry but feels good, the car felt better! I was making really good ground and when the yellows came out I was in third place with Danny not far behind. A few laps later I take the lead and the win with brother Danny in third after a great race with Ben 207. A great night for all Wainman drivers so far!

Ministox heat 2 is another superb race. Courtney Witts gets away, meanwhile Sam Roper and Frankie are having a good race. They exchange places and Sam gives JJ a good hit but he manages to ride it out. They cross the line neck and neck with Sam just pipping JJ to the post.

Heat 2 for the F1s, a better start this time. After a few laps a few drivers go out on the same bend, I slow down enough just managing to avoid the pile up and get through. After having a good race with the newcomers I finish in third and Danny gets fifth.

Ministox are out again for their final. A good start and no waved yellows throughout the race. Some good battles all the way through, with JJ finishing sixth.

The remains of Danny's front axle [Photo : Vic Peake]

The remains of Danny’s front axle [Photo : Vic Peake]

The F1 Final was dedicated to Kevin Bentham. The start was a bit steady as the track had just been watered. A lap or so later, saw a few go out and I saw an opportunity to get through up on the inside.

Five laps to go and I’m in third place, behind Josh Smith and Nigel Whalley. I manage to pass them both to take the flag. Danny ripped off his front axle so a DNF for him.

One more race to go, the Grand National. I take the lap handicap and get up to sixth place, another few laps would have been nice. Danny didn’t have time to fix his car for this one.

So a decent night’s racing was had!

We got fantastic selection of photos from this meeting. Big thanks to Martin Fitzgerald, Vic Peake, and Mike Bottomley for sending them in, cheers lads!