21st April 2013: F1 & Ministox at Hednesford

This photo doesn't even begin to show the full extent of the damage. (Photo: Lee Pycroft)

Massive damage for Danny. (Photo: Lee Pycroft)

Massive damage for Danny. (Photo: Lee Pycroft)

The Minis are out first, and Frankie’s car didn’t really get going at all. One second he’s mega quick, the next his engine is mis-firing and he loses a lot of ground, but he perseveres with it and gets fourth.

I didn’t make it out for the first heat due to unfixed damage from the night before. However, Danny did and probably wishes he hadn’t, after getting involved with the spectacular roll over from Daz Kitson. Danny’s car was totally wrecked and had to be towed off by 2 tractors.

Danny wasn’t feeling too great either, with a reminder that his ribs were still sore after Skegness. Needless to say the 212 machine was unrepairable, and its driver needed time to heal also.

I managed to make it out for the second heat but I did less than 2 laps because I had a vibration in the gearbox. On inspection there was more damage from Birmingham – the propshaft flange had bent causing it to vibrate.

The Ministox Final was a familiar story. The engine was mis-firing again but another fourth place.

My Final wasn’t great. I got tenth. Really struggled, the setup wasn’t right at all.

The Grand National was load of rubbish for me. I didn’t even get in the top 10, I was struggling with the car all day.

So not the best of weekends as far as Team Wainman go… things can only get better?


Thanks to Lee Pycroft for these photos from Hednesford.