27th October 2011: Mini-Stox at Skegness

Superstar Phoebe

Superstar Phoebe (Photo: Carl Hesketh)

Once again we’re off to Skegness. The meeting starts at 7.00pm so we don’t have to leave home too early; just as well because I’ve got working coming out of my ears!

Tonight’s meeting is the East Coast Championship. Both Phoebe and Frankie JJ have qualified and line up ready to race. Phoebe get spun almost immediately and doesn’t get a place. Frankie is spun too, and then ‘T boned’ really hard! The track marshals check him out, he’s okay and gets towed to the infield. Not the best of starts to the meeting!

Frankie JJ’s arm is sore, and the seat where he got hit is pretty dented. A quick swig of Calpol and he’s ready to go out for Heat 2. He’s going well and manages to get eighth place. Phoebe is in about fourth place, but her own driving error sends her pretty high and she clears the tyres, landing on the infield. Thankfully she lands on four wheels!

In the pits Frankie JJ says his arm is feeling worse so we decide to load his car up for tonight. Phoebe hasn’t qualified for the final so has to start from the back. Even so, this turned out to be her best race of the night!

She worked her way through the traffic, catching and passing the other superstars and finishes fourth; a good drive from Phoebe.

No national so everything gets loaded. Sam makes us our supper then we head for home. Got back at 2.30am, glad the kids don’t have school in the morning!

Frankie Wainman Junior

PS – if you’ve got any photos from this meeting, please send them in!