29th March 2013: F1 & Ministox at Skegness

Photo : Danni Wright

JJ under the Skeg floodlights [Photo: Danii Wright]

JJ under the Skeg floodlights [Photo: Danii Wright]

So after all the snow, we managed to get the truck off the Silsden moors and make our way to Skegness.

Arriving in good time we go out for practice, my car handles like a beast! Struggling with the steering after a different axle set up.

Young Un’s first mini race is out, the rolling lap was extremely fast but the green is dropped and off they went. They look so fast out there tonight, and it’s not long before the waved yellows are out, followed by more yellows a few laps later.

Frankie is up to fourth place and manages to catch and pass Courtney Witts, and soon finds himself in 2nd position behind Courtney Finn. This is where he finishes, so a good start for him.

Me and Danny are out now. Another speedy rolling lap. Novice driver Marcus Collins spins near the start finish line. Most drivers manage to miss him but Danny didn’t see him and hits him full on. The race is stopped immediately.

Danny is winded and his car is even worse. Chassis legs, cage and engine has moved forward. Danny’s night is over. It’s snowing as the race is re-started! I battle on to finish in sixth place.

It’s still snowing as JJ goes out for his second heat. The track is pretty slick and he struggles a bit in this one but still manages to cross the line in fifth.

First outing for the tar car's new paintwork [Photo: Thomas English]

First outing for the tar car’s new paintwork [Photo: Thomas English]

In my second heat I was still struggling with the steering. Racing with Sworder, we exchanged places once or twice before breaking a panhard bar, but still finishing in seventh.

JJ’s final is out next, and it’s another quick race, considering that some of these kids are just 10 years old! Harry Peall is off to a flyer and is untouchable. JJ crosses the line in third, however he ends up with second after Courtney 180 is docked.

I’m out for my final next. I battled with Tom 84 & Mick 150 for the first half of the race, allowing the front runners to pull away. I ended up finishing behind Sworder in eighth.

Young Frank has loaded up, so just the F1 Grand National to go for us. Good race against Matt Newson, I didn’t seem to make a lot of ground though and finished with another eighth.

Glad to leave the Skegness venue purely because its been freezing!