29th October 2011: Mini-stox at Stoke

Superstar Phoebe

Superstar Phoebe (Photo: Carl Hesketh)

Sam took Phoebe and Frankie JJ to Stoke as I was racing at Kings Lynn. Frankie’s arm is still hurting from his injury at Skegness when he got ‘t-boned’ . He’s more or less straight out for the Whites and Yellows Championship which he has qualified for throughout the year. However, it’s decided that the blue tops are no longer allowed to race in this event even though that’s how it’s always been.

So Frankie gets back out of his mini and tells Sam that when he was strapped in his arm was really sore. Sam persuades him to go out in his next heat just to see how it feels and if it was too painful to pull off.

In his heat he does about 7 laps, looks slow and not quite in control and pulls off. Back in the pits he tells his mum he was driving 1 handed! So it was decided that he would load up and give his arm a little bit more time to heal.

Phoebe is out for her heat. She’s going really well and the other superstars are not catching her, but then she gets spun out and doesn’t finish. We discover that when she got spun her fan broke which caused problems for her radiator.

A frantic rush to find another one, we just manage to fit it and send her back out. Then she finds trouble getting any gears. With the help of a few strong men the mini is tipped on its side as the gear linkage has broken.

Dan Clifford does his best to get a gear and Phoebe is sent out. As the race starts Phoebe isn’t going anywhere fast and so we rightly presumed that she was in 4th gear.

So a really rubbish night for Phoebe really, started well but didn’t end well. Let’s hope for better luck next time!

Frankie Wainman Junior