30th March 2013: F1 & Ministox at Stoke

Young Frankie throwing it around Stoke [Photo: Marvin Hall]

Young Frankie throwing it around Stoke [Photo: Marvin Hall]

We arrived just in time for the Stoke meeting and managed to get the truck parked thanks to the help of F2 driver Dave Waterhouse who kindly moved over for us.

Frankie Jnr is soon out for his first race. The yellows are out and Frankie was in eighth place on the re-start. He’s driving well and finishes third.

Danny is out for his heat now and finally finishes his first race of the season! Scoring his first lot of points in sixth.

Me next! After discovering I have left my helmet, gloves, balaclava in young franks Tarmac mini I have to visit the NFR store. Thanks to Neil and Kaye they manage to kit me with a good price!

And out on track I go. The car felt mint and so did the track as I take my second win of the season.

Ministox are out again and another third place for Frankie Jnr.

F1 final now, and there’s a big pile up lap 2 which I crash into, breaking my power steering pump and bending the suspension arms. Tom 84 ploughed into me which bumped me off and I got going again, finishing in sixth. Danny stayed out of trouble and finished 10th.

No national for the Ministox tonight so just me and Danny to go. First lap and Danny gets a flat tyre. Lee Fairhurst gets away but I find myself catching, before passing him with about 5 to go. It feels good to take my second win of the night.


Big thanks to Chris Webster for this superb selection of photos.