A round-up of early May.


Danny in action at Coventry. (All Coventry photos by Chris Webster)

We seem to have had a lot of busy weekends just lately. The F1s and Ministox raced at King’s Lynn. An average night for us Wainman boys, some good racing but we didn’t take much away as far as silverware goes.

On the same evening Sam took Phoebe down to Birmingham to race her V8 where she won 3 races out of 4! So at least she had a successful night. Also she managed to score enough points to secure her points lead and become the first female driver in an adult BriSCA formula to reach superstar! Way to go lass!

The following week the F1s were at Coventry, I managed some decent results and really enjoyed the racing.

We had the Sunday off to fix things and get the cars ready and loaded for Sheffield bank holiday meeting.

All four of us were racing today. It wasn’t the best of starts when young Frank’s Mini engine blew up in his first race. It was one mad rush for me and the team to change his engine for heat 2.

First time out for Phoebe with the flashing lights.

First time out for Phoebe with the flashing lights.

It was Phoebe’s first race from the very back! She was going really well and up into 5th place until she clipped the back straight. Back in the pits she was a wee bit tearful because she had badly chipped her front tooth, she wasn’t bothered by the belt marks.

After drying her eyes she declared she was going back out, and went on to win her first race from superstar! Amazing!

Young Frankie got back out and pick up a few places throughout the rest of the meeting including a 4th in his final.

Me and Danny picked up a few places here and there, and phoebe got up to third in her final before retiring with a flat.

We found out later that evening that Phoebe had won her first championship, she’s now the Northern & Midland champion! Fantastic!

A 'slight' problem at Skegness! Superb photo by Colin Casserley.

A ‘slight’ problem at Skegness! Superb photo by Colin Casserley.

The following weeknd it was double Skeggy. I was pretty happy with the car at times during the weekend, picked up one or two decent places and enjoyed the racing.

JJ had a couple of decent runs, a 2nd and and 3rd.

A tiring weekend for all of us. The team as always have worked so hard, a mega big thanks to them all.