Birmingham and King’s Lynn, 25th March 2017

Phoebe raced at Birmingham on Saturday. Her results were consistent and she managed some good lap times.

It was a great meeting for the V8s with 29 car heats, all in.

Phoebe got fifth in Heat 1 and fourth in Heat 2. In the Final she got sixth place, followed by another fourth in the Grand National.

FWJ and Danny raced at King’s Lynn. Young Frank was otherwise engaged for the evening, so a bit less pressure to get cars ready, and Frank actually left for the meeting on time.

A good start with a heat win for FWJ and a 7th place for Danny.

Sworder got away in the final and Frank wasn’t going to catch him without a yellow flag. This didn’t happen so he settled for a decent second.

Danny had problems early on, so a DNF for him.

Just the National to go, and FWJ got off to a flyer! Soon finding himself in first and with a good lead, but as the halfway flag came out Frank was aware of a grinding noise that he knew to be the diff.

He hoped it would hold out but with two laps to go it decided it had had enough and he stopped.

Danny was still going though and finished with another 7th place.

FWJ very happy with the car and is hopefully now sorted.

Unfortunately no photos from Birmingham, but big thanks to everyone that sent pics from King’s Lynn – Colin Casserley, Darrelle Smith, David John Wayman, Geoff Walker, Harvey Maskell, Jonny Goss, Kelly Clarke, Matthew Coop, Mark Hipkiss, Michael Evett, Michelle Oversby, Paul Graham, Sean Topley, and Wilco Terpstra.