Birmingham, August 2018

The last race was the most eventful from where I was sitting!

I got a good start in Heat 1 and managed to stay at the with the pack of blues, I actually started to catch a few of the lower graders and was making my way up the field. There was a yellow flag which gave everyone chance to catch up, so after the re-start a few reds and superstars passed me but I was well on pace. It took some really good drivers a couple of laps to catch me so I knew the car was going well. I finished in seventh which I was extremely happy with as I have qualified for the Final!

I didn’t really get a chance to get going in the Final, I got a good start off the front of the blues and the car felt really good, however everyone seemed to want to win on the first bend! I ended up getting tangled with a few other blue graders. I fired my car up and set off but soon realised that I had a flat outside rear meaning that I had to pull off and watch the rest of the final from the infield.

Getting squashed!

The National was quite eventful to say the least! A bit like the final, I didn’t really get a chance to get going. Coming out of turn 4 there was another blue top on the outside of me and another on the inside of me. Going down the home straight we got a bit tangled and there was nothing that I could do to get out of it. We were heading straight for the banking on the infield and with me being in the middle of the blue top sandwich, I couldn’t steer out of the way. We all ended up going up the banking, I thought I was going to roll over at one point but luckily I didn’t!

They stopped the race and got the cars onto the infield, because I needed assistance I wasn’t allowed to carry on in the National, but I got out of my car and watched the rest of the race from the other side of the fence. I’m kind of glad now as it was amazing to watch how quick my dad was in his new tarmac car!

Next meeting is the big one! I am in the Consolation Semi so hopefully I may be able to qualify for the World Final, please keep your fingers crossed for me!


A fifth place, and two fourths for Dad.