Birmingham & Hednesford, 16/17th April


His first ever win!

Birmingham Wheels April 16th
Danny and young Frank are in the first heat. The racing looks fast and Dan gets going good and he finishes in 3rd place. Frank starts in the middle with 10 cars in front of him and 11 behind him. He drives well and finishes in 8th, qualifying for the Final.

FWJ is in the second heat. His car felt good until a small collision which left him with a bent back shocker, he battled on and finished in sixth place.

So all three Wainman boys have done enough to get into the final, but Danny’s car wouldn’t run due to an electrical fault. Young Frank gets a good start, and made his way to the front and led for a short while.

Hot on his tail was Dan Johnson, Craig Finn, and Luke Davidson. They catch young Frank up and he tucks in behind them, and finishes in a fantastic fourth place!

FWJ wasn’t far behind. He was having his own battles with Lee 217 and Mat 16, he crosses the line in 7th place.

The National is out next. Young Frank looked quick and smooth right from the start. Wez 183 and George Elwell 501 are just ahead of him, but Frank is looking determined and starts to close the gap. He first he passes 183, then on lap 9 he passes Elwell and takes the lead.

He managed to keep his cool and the rest of his race is pretty faultless, and takes his very first race win!!

I must confess that at this stage I wasn’t really watching how Dan and Frankie were getting on! Dan finished in fifth and FWJ was tenth.

Massive thanks again to Derek Brown D.E.B. Teesdale Ltd for loaning 555 his car.

Hednesford Hills 17th April
So the next day we’re at Hednesford Hills. The whole meeting seemed like hard work for little results, although FWJ & Dan did get second and third in their heat. This was as good as it was going to get for today.

Young Frank 555 was in the second heat. Two yellow tops got hooked up in front of him, and as he tried to pass them they collected him and all three ended up on the infield. He didn’t continue due to a bent front axle and flat tyre.


Problems at Hednesford.

He makes it back out for the consolation. He got up to sixth place but dropped back to 9th, thankfully the top 12 go through today so that was lucky for him.

Not much to write about for the final. 515 and 212 both struggled, 515 finished in 12th. Young Frank made wrong tyre choice and struggled too. All three of them finished but didn’t do anything special.

Just the National to go. A similar result to the final. FWJJ was going better until he got hit and the power steering belt came off and he ran into the back of Bradley 25. Not the best of places to be, but he manages to restart car and move to a safer area out of the way. Dan and FWJ both finish.

So, a great Saturday result for 555! A great reception from the crowd too! And to top it all off, after this weekend he has made it to red top! Not quite sure if he’s ready for that, but that’s just the way it is!


A big thank-you to Martin Fitzgerald for these photos from both meetings.