Birmingham & Hednesford, 8/9th April 2017

The start of the season hasn’t been easy. Truck problems for both myself and Danny have absorbed a lot of hours leaving less time for working on our cars.

Thankfully we have had help from Derek Brown and Tom Boyer & Chris Knight who have kindly loaned us their transport.

This weekend’s results for me were a bit disappointing, but not surprising really. Due to our other commitments it was just a case of turning up and hoping for the best, and it was the same with Ted who was racing the Derek Brown owned car.

My best result all weekend was a third at Birmingham, and Ted’s was a sixth.

Danny was the most consistent over the weekend with his best result being a third in the Grand National at Birmingham.

Danny’s car looked the part and he was really pleased with it.

Massive thanks as always to our teams, sponsors, Derek brown, and Chris Knight for helping us out so much, and also Neil Holcroft for his help and support.


Thanks to Colin and Marvin for the pics.