Birmingham Semi-Final, August 2018

We got to Birmingham early to get some practise in as today is mine and dad’s semi-final. I did one practise and dad wouldn’t let me go out again because he said I was really fast and didn’t need any more practise. When dad went to look at lap times, I was only a little bit slower than him!

I started on the 12th row inside for the semi-final which I was quite happy with as the plan was for the carnage to happen up front and then hopefully pick up a place. It started to rain before the race and I knew that this would even up everyone’s speed a little bit however, for me, right at the back, this may not be the best thing! Also only the front 3 rows were allowed to put their wet tyres on meaning that everyone else had to struggle with dry tyres. Don’t really know how that’s fair? Daniel came over to see me as I was getting strapped into my car, he grabbed my hand and said “No matter what you do out there, I am so so proud of you” It really melted my heart and actually calmed me down a lot before the race!

On the rolling lap I was so excited and I just wanted the green flag to drop! When it finally did, I got a really good start and overtook a few of the cars which started in front of me. I was battling with some drivers who are actually really good tarmac drivers so I knew that I was going okay. It was quite a steady race, there were no stoppages and the rain slowed everyone down a lot so it felt like quite a long race. However, I managed to do the one thing that I really wanted to do over anything else, and that was to finish the race!

When I came off track, I was told that I had finished in 13th.. I was buzzing! Not only had I qualified for my first F1 semi-final in my first year in F1, I had also finished it in 13th! A few people were asking me why I was so happy as I hadn’t qualified for the World Final, but to me it didn’t matter as my main aim was to qualify for a semi-final and to finish it! My dad’s face said it all when I ran over to him shouting that I got 13th, I think he was more happy for me than he was for himself getting 5th! I was really nice to hear how proud my mum, brother and Karl were of me too, it makes it all worth it!

As I finished 13th in the semi-final and the semi-final was classed as Heat 1, this means that I was in the Consolation for the meeting final. I think it was the wettest race I have ever been in, I literally couldn’t see a thing. Someone asked me how hard it is to see, and the best way to explain it is, imagine someone constantly throwing buckets of dirty water into your face and trying not to crash! Despite the awful conditions I finished the Consolation in 11th meaning that I qualified for the meeting final!

The Final was quite a steady race and I don’t actually remember a lot about it which must mean nothing really exciting happened. I think the rain slowed everyone down so much that the racing was much more boring and it was more about trying not to go too fast! I finished the final in 12th which I was quite surprised at as I didn’t think I was that high up at all!

The National was a really good race for me! I got a good start and a few laps in there was a yellow flag, I counted back and knew that I was in 9th place, somehow my dad was in 1st… I swear he is a wizard! On the re-start I had 2 superstars behind me who actually struggled to catch and pass me! I know that the rain kind of puts everyone onto a similar speed but I don’t care.. STUART SMITH AND DAN JOHNSON STRUGGLED TO PASS ME!!! It was such a great race, I was really battling with some of the top drivers and having the best time! I finished the national in 10th place and was so happy!

Now on to Venray in Holland, and I CANNOT BLOODY WAIT!

Phoebe </strong>