Blauwhuis, 26th/27th April

Frankie and Ron. (JM3 Photos)

Frankie and Ron. (JM3 Photos)

We left for Blauwhuis on Monday afternoon, picking Phoebe up from her work then onto Hull for our ferry crossing.

It was an overnight crossing, which gave the team a bit of chill time. We arrived at Daniel van Spijker’s pad at midday on Tuesday. There was time for a quick lunch break at his local so we all piled into a couple of vehicles and went for a bite to eat before the meeting started at 5pm.

We arrived at the track to a good turn out of cars. The pits were busy and there were lots of supporters about, most were keen to see the new FWJ car they’d all been hearing about.

And then came the rain! Track and pit conditions were very tricky for both days, so a massive well done to all drivers, teams, promoters, staff, and supporters who stuck it out.

FWJ & 175 Karl Hawkins were out first. Both looked quick as they tried to get used to the unfamiliar track. Karl’s race finished due to a collision that snapped his front axle in half. FWJ got 5th.

Dan & young Frank were out in the second heat. Frank 555 wasn’t quite ready for their starts and was on the front of the blues before the flag dropped. He found the conditions difficult but managed to finish, while Danny got up into eigth.

Karl 175 was going really well in the Consolation until he did another axle. Frank 555 broke a halfshaft with 2 to go.

In the final, FWJ got into the lead and then got taken out. He got back up into the lead and was taken out again. Danny started giving a little bit back to one or two that were keen to dish it out. Both finished.

The national didn’t take place.


Frankie comes out of the pits. Great view of the Blauwhuis track. (ASF Racing Productions)

The following day the weather had picked up a little, but there was still a large amount of mud/clay in the pits and on the track.

Karl’s bad luck continued throughout the meeting. Young Frank did his best to finish. FWJ won both of his heats and Dan managed a 10th place.

FWJ’s two heat wins put him on pole going into the “King’s Battle”, alongside Ron kroonder.

A great race between FWJ and Ron, they exchanged places a few times. FWJ looked mega-quick and managed to avoid trouble. He got a good lead on Ron but with 2/3 laps to go his halfshaft broke. He ended up finishing in sixth.

Danny struggled after a wrong tyre choice but persevered and finished.

Not sure if a national was run as we had a ferry to catch, so left straight after the final.

Congratulations to Ron on winning, and in an FWJ car! Well deserved.

Almost forgot to mention that Frank beat the lap record!


Danny at speed at Blauwhuis. (JM3 Photos)

Danny at speed at Blauwhuis. (JM3 Photos)

Lining up with the Dutch superstars. (ASF Racing Productions)

Lining up with the Dutch superstars. (ASF Racing Productions)


We got plenty of interest from the Dutch fans – they made us very welcome!


Frankie’s car on the scales after a heat win.


We weren’t the only Brits – Geoff Nickolls and Chris Clare also made the trip.


Give us a wave!


Problems for Karl.