Coventry 2nd April

We managed to leave home on time for the Coventry meeting. All 4 of us were racing.

As usual Coventry had attracted a good crowd, the first meeting for many. It was good to catch up with our friends & fans.

Phoebe was was the first one out. Her car looked a bit of a handful but she got 4th place. On her return to the pits we discovered that he throttle had been stuck on throughout the whole race which explained a few things.

Danny was out in Heat 1. The last few laps were good to watch as he caught up front runners, Ben Hurdman and Joe Booth. All 3 of them went into the last bend hard, and Joe was the winner with Ben in second and Danny third.

Welcome aboard to Oli Leett of Leett Putting Hub, who is FWJJ's newest sponsor.

Welcome aboard to Oli Leett of Leett Putting Hub, who is FWJJ’s newest sponsor.

Young Frank is out for his first race now. He started off the back of the yellows and struggled a bit. Still, he finished the race and got 12th place.

F1 heat 3 followed this and now it was FWJs turn. Not a bad race, finishing in 4th place and qualifying for tonight’s final.

Phoebe’s out for heat 2. In this race her car was pushing on, so she compensated by throwing it into the bends to try and get it round. On one bend she managed a perfect 360 degree spin, but didn’t lose much ground and crossed the line in third place. Back in the pits, she changes the brakes ready for her final.



Fourth and third in the heats, and the runner-up spot in the Final for Phoebe.

It’s the F1 Consolation for 555. He manages to get the laps in and finishes in 11th, just missing out for a place in the final.

Phoebe goes back out now for her last race. It’s the John Cottrill Memorial meeting; John was the father of Darren 575. Another good start for Pheebs – she looks quick and has a lovely line, she gets away and up into 2nd place.

Guy Jolly has made a lot of ground and it would take a waved yellow now to be in with a chance of catching him. She finished second which we are thrilled about with Darren Cottrill in third.

Unfortunately Phoebe couldn’t manage a small interview with Premier Sports and Peter York, due to tonsillitis and voice loss.


No score for Young Frank at Coventry this time.

It’s final time for the F1s now, just Frank and Danny out in this one. Not a great start for FWJ, he got tangled up once or twice. By lap 14 he had got up to fifth place.

Meanwhile, Danny had been put out by Nigel 445. Frank had a battle with Matt 16 and Dan 4 for a few laps, and Gilbank had made up a lot of ground. FWJ ended up in third place.

Just one to go, the National. Young Frank didn’t get a good run and tangled up causing a caution. FWJ struggled at the start but once the track started to dry out, he picked up some ground and on the last bend he saw a chance to hit #4 and took the win. Danny crossed the line in 7th.

So all in all another good meeting.

Big thanks to Chris Webster for these superb photos!