Coventry, 4th June


It was a mad rush getting ready for Coventry and we were late leaving. Thankfully we had a hassle free journey so arrived in time before the meeting got underway.

Young Frank 555 had the most unsuccessful evening out of the three of us. His heat started well, first red top through the blues until a spinning car wiped him out and flattened his tyre.

In the Consolation he was picking up ground and finished in seventh place, making him first reserve for the final. Nobody dropped out so he didn’t qualify.

His meeting didn’t get any better in the National. He spun early on, got going again but retired early due to damage.

Danny’s meeting was better. He got 2nd in his heat. In the final he went too wide into the corner, hit the fence and then pulled off with damage. He had a better race in the National, finishing in sixth.

I was in Heat 2. The car felt good and I took the chequered flag, guaranteeing myself a place in the final.

The final was long drawn! Me and Dan tried to assist with fence issues and hopefully this kept the meeting ticking over a bit quicker?

A few stoppages and incidents took place. Rob 318 took a dive for Joe 446 just as I went in for a hit on him and at the same time Paul 2 was pushing.

After another waved yellow I was leading and had almost got away, but my brakes started to mess about and I struggled with the handling due to earlier damage. Rubber #2 caught and passed me but I battled on for second.

A quick repair was needed for the National as my left front wheel bearing had totally collapsed.

More or less straight back out for the last race, car felt better after its repair and I managed to finish with another second.

We arrived home at 3.45am which was late enough, but Danny was even later due to alternator problems on the truck.

Extremely pleased there was no Sunday meeting!


Big thanks to Paul Greenwood and Colin Casserley for these superb photos.