Coventry, 7th May


First time on track for Danny’s new car.

All three Wainman drivers were in different heats at Coventry which made things easier.

FWJ was out first. For the first half of his race the engine was mis-firing but towards the end it cleared and he found some speed and finished with a second place.

Young Frankie was put in Heat 2. Like his dad’s, the car flooded up a bit so he looked a bit steady, but still managed to qualify by finishing in tenth.

Time for Dan now. Everyone was excited to see his new car out on track and to see how he got on with it. He didn’t disappoint and at one stage looked like he could be in with a win. It didn’t come off this time but he still finished in a great place, third. Not bad considering he’d not been out for a test drive.

So all three had qualified for the Final. FWJJ was starting from front inside red, Danny was off the back of the Reds and FWJ started in his usual place.

On the start FWJ got away and he passed quite a few. He was going well until a car came off the infield in front of him, he ended up getting stacked in and got a flat.

Young Frank and Danny had a better race, and got placed in 4th & 5th.

Two Nationals were run. Danny & young Frank were in the first one. Danny’s race was short lived after he got a flat tyre. Frankie got caught up early on. He looked well on the pace and was keeping up with some of the bigger boys, he was placed in fifth.

So just FWJ’s National now. Track was well watered so a steady start, but he came through like a bulldozer at the end, just catching speak to take a second.

We got home an hour earlier than usual so that was a bonus. Plenty to do now for next weekend’s meetings at Skegness and Mildenhall.


Thanks to Paul Tully, Colin Casserley, and Paul Greenwood for these photos.