Destination New Zealand

New Zealand last year (Photo: Paul Tully)

New Zealand last year (Photo: Paul Tully)

Leaving the farm Tuesday afternoon, I head off for Heathrow wondering if my untrustworthy Peugeot would get me there? Thankfully it didn’t let me down.

My flight is not until 9.15pm, so once checked in I get a bite to eat and visit WH Smith for a Sudoku book. Before I know it the flight is called, I make a few last minute phone calls to Sam and the kids before settling in my seat for a very long flight, Destination Hong Kong!

The flight was excellent, watched a couple of the latest movies and ate well, also managed to get some sleep. Woke up for breakfast as there is just 90 minutes before landing.

At Hong Kong airport for a couple of hours before re-boarding for Sydney. Another comfortable flight and slept more on this one before touching down, and then just another 3 hour flight to go before I reach Auckland, New Zealand.

At Auckland a good Kiwi called ‘Puk’ is there to pick me up. Paul and Lindsey Harrison are on a different flight but land just 20 minutes after me so we wait for them and travel down to Rotorua together.

Arrived about 7pm, and good to see my brother-in-law Shane Dorrell waiting for me. We go to the Hickey yard where my car is kept, Tyson Wright has been helping to get it ready so not much to do on it before the 240s this weekend.

Starting to feel a bit tired now, but before we go back to Shane’s, where I’m staying, we call in to visit the Harris family at their hotel. They all seem okay and looking forward to the weekend.

Back at Shane’s I ring Sam. Everything okay at HQ Silsden. She’s off to work as I go off to bed, struggling to keep my eyes open but will probably be wide awake about 4am! Goodnight!